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BTNY 210, F2005 Name:_________ _KEY __________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #2B KEY September 2, 2005 1. Multiple Choice (circle the letter in front of the best answer): A tulip is an example of a a. biennial b. winter annual c. spring annual d. perennial 2. True or False (circle correct answer): A dandelion is an example of a plant that can spread by “creeping roots”. 3. Short answer. An example of a primary consumer is a: __ mice, deer, rabbits, squirrels, most birds 4. In an ecosystem what percentage of the energy in organisms is lost by heat and waste as one moves from one trophic level (levels within the food chain) to another? a. 80% b. 60% c. 40% d. 20% 5. Short answer: In the life cycle of a plant, what is the first thing that happens to a seed?
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Unformatted text preview: ____ germination ______ 6. Short answer: In animals, the primary competition in life is for food. In plants the primary competition is __________ _Light 7. True or false: Some seeds on the forest floor will only germinate if the forest is disturbed. 8. True or false : In ecology an example of spatial allocation of resources is when two plants occupy approximately the same space at the same time. 9. A Mycorrhizal association is an example of a mutualistic relationship between a plant and a a. algae b. fungus c. moss d. another plant 10. What gas is produced by plants during the process of photosynthesis? _______ O 2 ___________ C o n s u m e d C O 2...
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