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BTNY 210, S2007 Name:___________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #3A KEY January 26, 2007 Circle the correct answer or write what is requested . 1. What are plasmodesmata? Cytoplasmic connections between cells in plants. Or Pores in the plasma membrane that allows cytoplasm flow between cells. 2. (2 points) What is the definition of diffusion? The movement of a substance from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration. 3. The water potential of pure water is: a. -1 b. 0
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Unformatted text preview: c. +1 d. there is no such thing as water potential e. none of the above 4. In living things biochemical reactions are catalyzed by: a. lipids b. nucleic acids c. proteins d. carbohydrates e. none of the above 5. (2 points) Write the balanced equation for complete cellular respiration. 6. True or False: All living cells respire. 7. The net product(s) of glycolysis is(are): a. 2 pyruvic acid b. 2 ATP c. 2 NADH d. 2 FADH e. only a-c above 8 . True or False: Fermentation normally occurs in the absence of Oxygen....
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