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BTNY 210, S2006 Name:____________KEY_______________ Lab day and time__________________ TAs: Please note 6 & 7 reversed, and a and c are reversed answers on #8. Quiz #4A February 13, 2006 1. True or False. All cells of the plant body, at least until the flower is formed, result from mitotic divisions and have exactly the same genetic makeup. 2. How does a leaf epidermal cell become different (structurally and functionally) from a leaf mesophyll cell? The genes expressed in one cell are different than the genes expressed in another cell 3. True or false. Auxin is a natural plant hormone that is produced in the stem tip and moves downward through the stem. 4. True or false. When light shines on a plant from one side auxin migrates to the non-lighted side resulting in a higher concentration of auxin on the non-lighted side. 5. Explain how a higher concentration on the non-lighted side causes the stem tip to bend toward the light. You may use a diagram if you wish.
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