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BTNY 210, S2006 Name:__________KEY__________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #5A February 20, 2006 1. True or False. The apical meristems produce three primary meristematic tissues. 2. Collenchyma cells: a. Are dead when mature b. Have secondary cell walls c. Are commonly located in the periphery of the stem d. Contain lignin in their cell walls e. All of the above 3. One of the most common cell types in the body of the plant has a thin primary cell wall, no secondary cell wall, and is living when mature. This type of cell is called: parenchyma 4. Which of the cross sections of a stem below represents a monocot, a or b? 5. True or False. The main cell type of the phloem that conducts fluid is called a sieve tube element.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. True or False . The cells of the xylem that conduct fluids in conifers are called tracheids and vessel elements. 7. True or False . In a dicot or a monocot the phloem is found on the inside of a vascular bundle. 8. True or False . When you cut a tree down and see growth rings in the stump, the lines that represent the rings are from “early wood”, produced when there is a lot of water to promote growth. 9. What is the name given to growth in diameter which occurs primarily by cell divisions in the vascular cambium? Secondary growth 10. True or False. A single rye plant can have more than a billion root hairs....
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