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BTNY 210, S2009 Name:____________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #6A March 4, 2009 1. The word to describe water transport through a plant is: 2. The name of the sugar that is transported through plant is: 3. The driving force for transpiration is: a. Mass flow b. Osmosis c. Diffusion d. Active transport e. All of the above 4. True or False. The term used to describe the living part of the plant through which water can flow (as opposed to the non-living part) is apoplast. 5. The endodermis is a special layer of cells that separates the cortex of a root from the vascular cylinder. Each cell in this layer has a waxy strip around it’s perimeter. This strip is called the
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Unformatted text preview: a. Casparian strip b. Cork strip c. Cortex strip d. Corinthian strip e. Endoplasmic strip 6. True or False. Water can flow from the soil into the vascular cylinder of a root without passing through a plasma membrane, but ions must pass through two plasma membranes. 7. DNA replication occurs during which phase of the cell cycle? a. M b. S c. G 1 d. G 2 e. cytokinesis 8. True or False. An RNA molecule is a copy of a gene from a chromosome and can be transported to the cytoplasm. 9. If a segment of a DNA molecule has the base sequence TAC GTA CCG, what is the sequence of a messenger RNA that is coded from it? 10. What is the name of the sugar in RNA?...
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