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Quiz 6A KEY 07 - have round seed 6 True or false Bacterial...

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BTNY 210, S2007 Name:___________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #6A KEY March 23, 2007 Circle the correct answer or write what is requested. 1. True or false. Meiosis occurs in the shoot tips. 2. True or false. Chromosomes are made of DNA and proteins. 3. True or false . Meiotic cell divisions result in daughter cells that have identical genetic material. 4. True or false. If the genotype for seed texture is homozygous, it means the both chromosomes contain the same allele for seed texture. 5. True or false. If round seeds are dominant over wrinkled seeds, and one crosses a wrinkled seeded plant with a homozygous round seeded plant, all of the offspring would
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Unformatted text preview: have round seed. 6. True or false. Bacterial cells have cell walls. 7. True or false . Bacteria cells divide by mitosis. 8. True or false . Bacteria are all heterotrophic. 9. True or false. Fungi are all heterotrophic. 10. True or false. The only diploid cell in the life cycle of a fungus is the zygote. 11. Extra Credit. If you do a dihybrid cross beginning with one parent that is homozygous recessive for both traits and the other parent is homozygous dominant for both traits, and then self fertilize the F1 generation, what will be the phenotypic ratio of the F2 generation? 9:3:3:1...
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