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Quiz 6A KEY 08 - 6 True or False When you cut a tree down...

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BTNY 210, S2008 Name:__________ KEY ______________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #6A February 22, 2008 1. True or False . The main cell type of the phloem that conducts fluid is called a companion cell. 2. Which of the cross sections of a stem below represents a monocot, a or b? 3. True or False. There are clusters of cells in a tree trunk that actually conduct water, minerals, and gases horizontally through the tree. 4. True or False . The cells of the xylem that conduct fluids in conifers are called tracheids and vessel elements. 5. True or False . In a dicot or a monocot the phloem is found on the inside of a vascular bundle.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. True or False . When you cut a tree down and see growth rings in the stump, the dark lines that represent the rings are from “early wood”, produced when there is a lot of water to promote growth. 7. What is secondary growth? Growth in Diameter 8. What layer of cells gives rise to the secondary xylem and phloem? Vascular Cambium 9. What is the name of the layer of cells that surrounds and protects the vascular cylinder? Endodermis 10. True or False . Transpiration of water in plants requires energy in the form of ATP....
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