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Quiz 7A KEY 08 - replicated DNA polymerase 8 If a DNA...

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BTNY 210, S2008 Name:____________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #7A Key February 29, 2008 1. True or False . The word to describe sugar transport through a plant is transpiration. 2. True or False . The name of the sugar that is transported through plant is glucose. 3. True or False. The uptake of mineral ions into a plant requires active transport (using ATP). 4. True or False. The term that describes the production of a messenger RNA based on the code present in part of a DNA molecule is transcription. 5. True or False . RNA is double stranded and DNA is single stranded. 6. What is the name of the structure indicated in the sketch below? Ribosome 7. What is the name of the enzyme that links (zips) nucleotides together when DNA is being
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Unformatted text preview: replicated? DNA polymerase 8. If a DNA molecule has the base sequence ATGGTA, what is the equivalent sequence of the opposite strand? TACCAT 9. If a messenger RNA starts with the sequence AUGGUA, what are the first two amino acids in the protein it codes for? (Use the magic decoder on the screen) Methionine-Valine or Met-Val 10. Describe in a sentence or two how DNA is replicated in the nucleus of a cell. DNA Replication involves the separation of the two complimentary strands of DNA, the alignment of complimentary nucleotides along each strand, and the bonding of these nucleotides together to make two identical DNA molecules....
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