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BTNY 210, S2006 Name:__________ KEY ____________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #7A KEY March 27, 2006 1. Name one important distinguishing characteristic of prokaryotic cells 2. True or False. Cyanobacteria are capable of “fixing” carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into sugars. 3. True or False. Some Bacteria and Cyanobacteria are capable of “fixing” Nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into ammonia, which can be used by plants to make amino acids 4. The current scientific hypothesis about how chloroplasts developed in eukariotic cells is: A Cyanobacterium was engulfed by a bacterial cell. 5. Name one important distinguishing characteristic of the Kingdom of organisms known as Fungi.
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Unformatted text preview: Heterotrophic, or Cell walls of Chitin, or Zygotic life cycle 6. True or False . In the Phylum Ascomycetes (or Ascomycota) the mycelial filaments are multinucleate. That is, each cell has many nuclei. 7. True or False. Yeast is a fungus. 8. What is the name of the structure from a bread mold called Rhizopus in this picture? Sporangium 9. What is a lichen made of? A fungus and an algae or a fungus and a Cyanobacterium 10. True or False. The Phylum Basidiomycetes (or Basidiomycota) includes organisms like mushrooms....
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