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Quiz 10A KEY 05 - a diatoms b dinoflagelates c brown algae...

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BTNY 210, F2005 Name:_____ _ KEY_____________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #10A November 18, 2005 1. True or False. Some scientists consider the Protista to be a Kingdom, others consider it a collection of phyla that don’t fit well in other well-defined kingdoms. 2. True or False. Euglenophyta is a phylum of eukaryotic single celled organisms with flagellae. 3. True or False : The long flagellum on a euglena acts like a boat motor, it whips around pushing the cell forward. 4. True or False : The photic zone in the Wabash River after a rain storm is about one foot deep. 5. The Phylum Ochrophyta includes groups such as:
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Unformatted text preview: a. diatoms b. dinoflagelates c. brown algae d. both a and b e. both a and c 6. True or false . The cell wall of dinoflagelates is made of silica (glass). 7. True or False : All members of the Protista are autotrophic. 8. The pigment that causes the brown color in brown algae is: a. phycocyanin b. phycoerytherin c. fucoxanthin d. zeazanthin e. phycobilin 9. True or False: Chlorophyta is the phylum thought to include algae that are the most closely related to higher plants. 10. True or false: Volvox is a colonial form that is made up of a sphere of single-celled green algae....
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