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BTNY 210, F2009 Name:___________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #10A April 24, 2009 1. True or false. Mycorrhizal fungi are plant pathogens. 2. True or false. Lichens can transfer nutrients from one forest organism to another. 3. True or false. Nitrogen gas can be converted to ammonia (NH 3 ) by lightning. 4. True or false. The process of nitrification is catalyzed by bacteria and results in the formation of nitrite NO 2 - ) 5. True or false: Competition among plants is primarily for available sunlight. 6. True or false: Nitrate ions (NO 3 - ) are bound to the soil and held there until a plant root absorbs them.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. True or false. One of the characteristics of a climax community is that inputs and exports are minimal except for water and sunlight. 8. True or false. Succession is a measure of the success of a given plant species. 9. A climax species in our hardwood forest ecosystem is: a. maple b. oak c. beech d. both a and b e. all of the above 10. The first domestication of plants and animals is thought to have occurred about: a. 4.6 billion years ago b. 3.8 billion years ago c. 0.5 billion years ago d. 2.0 million years ago e. 11 thousand years ago...
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