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Quiz 11A KEY 08 - a 6 b 15 c 60 d 150 e 600 7 An integrated...

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BTNY 210, S2008 Name:____________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz 11A Key April 19, 2008 1. True or False. Botanically speaking, green beans are fruits. 2. True or False . An apple is a fruit which results from the growth of a superior ovary in the apple flower. 3. True or False. Within the conifers one of the primary characters used to separate species is the number of needles in a fascicle. 4. True or False. A primary function of flower petals is to attract pollinators. 5. True or False . The world population is currently more than 9 billion. 6. The number of plant species that have been seriously cultivated over the history of civilization is:
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Unformatted text preview: a. 6 b. 15 c. 60 d. 150 e. 600 7. An integrated approach to solving the world food problems might include: a. improvement of yield and quality of crops b. development of new crops c. exploitation of genetic diversity d. increasing consumption of vegetable crops in place of meat e. all of the abov e 8. Progressive change toward a climax in a community is called: a. evolutionary change b. succession c. energy flow d. dynamic equilibrium e. none of the above 9. True or false. Agriculture is the greatest success story in American history. 10. True or false . France has more kilometers of paved roads per million people than the U.S....
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