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Quiz 12A KEY 08 - ligase. 3. True or False . The enzyme...

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BTNY 210, S2008 Name:____________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Extra Credit Quiz 12A KEY April 23, 2008 1. True or False. There are two structural parts to a gene. One is the regulatory region and the other is the coding region. 2. True or False . The name of the enzyme that cuts DNA at a particular nucleotide in a sequence is
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Unformatted text preview: ligase. 3. True or False . The enzyme that glues two pieces of DNA together is called a restriction enzyme. 4. True or False. The process used to separate two or more pieces of DNA of different length is electrophoresis. 5. True or False. The process that is used to make many copies of a piece of DNA is polymerase chain reaction (PCR)....
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