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BTNY 210, S2010 Name:______________________________ Lab day and time____________________ Quiz #2A KEY (REVISED) January 22, 2010 1. What are the building blocks of proteins? Amino acids 2. Which of the following is a component of plant cell walls? a. cellulose b. pectin c. hemicelluloses d. glycoproteins e. all of the above 3. Name the building blocks of nucleic acids? Sugar, phosphate, and base.(1/2 pt for one or two correct, 1pt for all 3 ) 4. What is the primary chemical component of cell membranes? Lipid or fat (or fatty acids plus glycerol) 5. True or False. Carbohydrates are polymers of simple sugars. 6. Name a major plant cellular organelle that is not present in animal cells.
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Unformatted text preview: (Chloroplast, or large or central vacuole) (Let’s give ± pt for cell wall or plasmodesmata, even though they are not really organelles.) 7. True or False. Chloroplasts contain DNA which contains genes coding for some of the enzymes necessary for photosynthesis. 8. True or False . DNA is single stranded and RNA is double stranded. 9. The fluid part of chloroplasts is called a. matrix b. thylakoid c. cristae d. stroma e. cytoplasm 10. True or false. The reactions that combine the building blocks of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates all require enzymes, and are called “condensation reactions”....
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