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BTNY 210, S2010 Name:____________ KEY ___________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #5A February 19, 2010 1. How would you describe a plant (2 pts)? A plant is a living organism made of cells surrounded by cellulose, and capable of producing sugar from carbon dioxide and water. 2. The route by which an environmental signal or stimulus (biotic or abiotic) can affect plant growth and development, sometimes including differential gene expression is called the: Signal transduction pathway 3. Name the plant hormone that is responsible for each of the following effects on plants (2 pts) Seed germination -
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Unformatted text preview: gibberellin Fruit ripening - ethylene 4. What is happening in a stem when it bends toward a light (2 pts)? Auxin accumulates on the non-lighted side of the stem and stimulates the cells on that side to grow larger than the cells on the lighted side. This causes the stems to bend (grow) toward the light. 5. True or False . Collenchyma cells have secondary cell walls. 6. True or False. Primary growth in plants is called primary growth. 7. Name the primary meristematic tissue in the sketch below of a cross section of the area just below SAM on a dicot stem. Procambium...
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