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BTNY 210, S2010 Name:____________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #9A KEY April 2, 2010 1. If tall (T) is dominant over dwarf (t), and yellow (Y) seed color is dominant over green (y) seed color in beans, and assuming that the two traits are carried on different chromosomes, what would the phenotypic ratio be if you crossed two plants that were both heterozygous for height and seed color? 9:3:3:1 2. True or false. Except for the few single celled fungi like yeast, all fungi have a filamentous growth form. 3. In the phylum Basidiomycetes such as mushrooms the spores produced from meiosis (sexual reproduction) number: a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 8 e. many 4. True or false . In many lichens the fungus is a parasite on its algal host. 5. True or false. Bullwhip, Macrocystis , kelp contains the photosynthetic accessory pigment called fucoxanthin. 6. The organism that has a cell wall made of silica and is sometimes known as the grass of the ocean
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Unformatted text preview: is classified in the phylum: a. Chlorophyta b. Dinophyta c. Euglenophyta d. Ochrophyta e. Rhodophyta 7. Name the accessory pigment type that is found in red algae (Rhodophyta). Phycobillin or Chl. d 8. The green algae, Chlorophyta, can be single celled, colonial, filamentous, and one family contains a species that is parenchymatous. a. What is the composition of their cell walls? cellulose b. What is the composition of their storage product? starch 9. Name one of the important features in land plants that were required for plants to move from an aquatic environment to a land-based environment. 10. a. Name one feature that all fungi have that no plants have. chitin, zygotic life cycle, or heterotroph? b. Name one feature that all plants have that no fungus has. guard cells (stomata), cuticle, parenchyma, sporopollenen, or apical meristem....
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