Final exam review sheet s10

Final exam review sheet s10 - Anthropology 100 Final...

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Anthropology 100 Final Examination Review Sheet Spring, 2010 I. Key Terms The following terms have been raised in the lectures and readings during the course. Be sure that you know what they mean. absolute dating acephalous achieved status adaptive strategies affinal agnatic descent agriculture allele allele frequency allophones ambilineal descet anthropoid ape Archaic Archaic homo sapiens arranged marriage artifact artificial selection ascribed status australopithecus afarensis australopithecus africanus australopithecus amanensis australopithecus/paranthropus boisei australopithecus/paranthropus robustus authority avunculocal balanced reciprocity band band organization big man binocular vision bipedalism blade tools brachiation breeding population bride service bridewealth Burakumin bureaucracy call system canine teeth capitalism caste system catarrhini cercopithecoid chiefdom chromosome chronometric dating civilization clan class system cline closed system code switching codominant cognatic descent collateral kin communication conflict theory consanguineal controlled cross-cultural comparison conventionality core vocabulary creole cross cousins cross-cultural survey cultural relativism culture daughter languages dendrochronology dentition descent
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descriptive linguistics dialect diglossia division of labor DNA domestic group
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Final exam review sheet s10 - Anthropology 100 Final...

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