intrB06 - early homo (1)

intrB06 - early homo (1) - Homo erectus(the populations in...

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Anthropology 100 Lecture Outline The Rise of the Homo Line  1. Homo Habilis (for photos of fossil, click here. ) - Homo habilis had a number of differences from Australopithecus Africanus - most important was significantly increased brain size - correlated with important behavioral innovation: first evidence of stone tools - the type of technology is known as Oldowan toolmaking , and it produces pebble choppers and flakes . - Habilis diet was mainly vegetable, with some occasional meat derived from scavenging 2. Homo erectus (for photos of fossil, click here. ) - was larger, had larger brain than Habilis - appears to have had considerable sexual dimorphism - technology was more advanced than Habilis - used Acheulean tools , of which the characteristic example is the hand axe - Erectus spread across Old World, leading to physical and technological variability - some have proposed dividing Erectus into three distinct species: Homo ergastor (the populations in Africa), Homo heidelbergensis (the populations in Europe), and
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Unformatted text preview: Homo erectus (the populations in Asia)- a recently-discovered species known as Homo floresiensis appears to have been an Erectus population that moved to the island of Flores and lived there until about 13,000 years ago. It became dwarfish, only about three feet tall, and used stone tools. Because the discovery is so recent, much remains to be learned about these creatures. 3. Emerging modern patterns in Erectus- It appears that hunting may have been an important part of the lifestyle of erectus- this has implications for the way Erectus was thinking - There is also evidence that Erectus achieved control of fire Anthropology 100 Lecture Outline - indicates a changing relationship to environment- the ability to cook food also allowed Erectus much greater access to caloric and nutritional resources- anthropologist Richard Wrangham has argued that cooking was one of the primary forces behind the evolutionary pathway of modern human beings...
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intrB06 - early homo (1) - Homo erectus(the populations in...

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