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intrB20 - religion

intrB20 - religion - least as long as modern human beings 3...

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Anthropology 100 Lecture Outline Religion, Ritual, and Myth  1. What is religion ? - While most Americans would define religion as a belief in God, this definition doesn't work in the many cultures with no or many deities - Most anthropologists therefore define religion as a system of belief in the supernatural - Specialists in the anthropology of religion, however, tend to prefer to define religion as a set of basic concepts through which a culture understands the nature of reality 2. The historical origins of religion are uncertain, but clearly religion has existed for at
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Unformatted text preview: least as long as modern human beings 3. Religion normally reflects the social structure of the culture in which it is practiced 4. In many cases, religion enforces this structure, acting as an agent of social control - at the same time, though, religion can also be used to challenge the status quo 6. The role of ritual is a central one in religion Among the most important rituals are rites of passage , such as wedding, funerals, and initiations- These may be understood through structural and processual approaches...
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