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PRINTABLE LESSON 1 - Background of Today%27s Advertising

PRINTABLE LESSON 1 - Background of Today%27s Advertising -...

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1/9/2012 1 LESSON ONE BACKGROUND OF TODAY’S ADVERTISING 1 A few definitions of advertising Advertising is a promotion (or communication) subset (or subspecialty) of marketing. Marketing describes the commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. Advertising is the least expensive form of selling. Advertising is the process of mass selling. Advertising is a financial investment in a brand or company. 2 3 Over the years, advertising specialists have offered a few definitions of their own: salesmanship in print keeping your name before the public truth well told During our time together this semester we may encounter other contextualizations of advertising. The scope of our course We will study advertising as a component of the specialization in marketing that began with the emergence of branded products in the U.S. after the Civil War (1861-1865) and continues to the present. 4 Four broad periods in the history of advertising A few remnants of advertising survive from the I. Premarketing Era, beginning in antiquity and ending with the Industrial Revolution (the Industrial Revolution began around 1750 and was complete by 1900). 5 Some examples of advertising in the pre- marketing era From ancient Rome: There will be a dedication or formal opening of certain baths. Those attending are promised the slaughter of wild beasts, athletic games, perfume sprinkling, and awnings to keep off the sun. 6
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1/9/2012 2 7 From a London newspaper in 1657: In Bartholomew Lane, on the backside of the Old Exchange, the drink called coffee, which is a very wholesome and physical drink having many excellent virtues, is to be sold in the morning and at three o’ clock in the afternoon. It closes the orifices of the stomach, fortifies the heat within, helpeth digestion, quickeneth the spirits, maketh the heart lightsum, is good against eye sores, consumption, headache, dropsie, gout, scurvy, King’s Evil, and many others.
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