PRINTABLE LESSON 7 - Media strategy

PRINTABLE LESSON 7 - Media strategy - The media of...

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2/8/2012 1 LESSON SEVEN MEDIA STRATEGY 1 The media of advertising In advertising, the term media generally refers to the traditional distribution systems of mass communication that sell space or time for commercial messages. Traditional media include: newspapers magazines radio networks and local radio stations television networks, cable systems, and local television stations 2 The media function in advertising occurs in several contexts In some cases media planning and buying are handled by in- house media departments. A media planner is a marketing specialist at an advertising agency responsible for overall strategy when using media to distribute advertising messages for a client. A media buyer often works for an independent firm (unbundled from a full-service advertising agency) that specializes in the efficient execution of advertising insertions. 3 An insertion is an order for space or time that commits an advertising client to a specific issue of a newspaper or magazine, or a schedule of radio or television commercials. 4 Media-function trends Increased media convergence 5 Increased interactivity of message-distribution systems in the era of permission marketing characterized by audience control over exposure to messages Perspective: At times technological capabilities outpace consumer utilization of new distribution options. Decreased emphasis on attention-getting or interest-building advertising formats, and increased emphasis on entertainment and experience marketing opportunities (see Viewpoint 7.2) Increased emphasis on optimizing space and time buys in ways that minimize audience waste 6
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2/8/2012 2 What it all means . . . The media function is no longer marginalized in a world of advertising dominated by creative talent. Today’s fragmented media audiences bring
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PRINTABLE LESSON 7 - Media strategy - The media of...

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