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PRINTABLE LESSON 9 - Using radio - 2/20/2012 LESSON NINE...

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2/20/2012 1 LESSON NINE USING RADIO 1 Although other audio platforms compete with terrestrial radio broadcasters, our context in COM 25600 is commercial terrestrial radio broadcasting on the AM and FM bands. 2 As an advertising medium, radio is tailor made for segmented marketing. Pros . . . + a primary medium for reaching members of narrow target audiences, some of whom are overall light media users + production techniques are lest inexpensive of all media, and also flexible + listeners’ loyalty to favorite stations may extend to advertisers + efficient (low CPM) 3 . . . and cons - often used as a background medium - adequate audience research not always available in small markets Clutter: - more radio stations broadcast in the U.S. than the nation’s combined sum of consumer magazines and daily newspapers—plus TV stations - since 1970, the number of terrestrial radio stations has about doubled - to reach the fragmented audiences of most individual stations requires numerous time buys - some stations air commercials in 50% of peak-listening times 4 Overall characteristics of radio listeners 93% of Americans age 12 and older listen to some radio during any given week. The overall amount of time we listen to radio has nevertheless decreased steadily across all demographic groups since the mid 1990s. Time spent listening to radio among 12- to 17-year-olds has decreased more than 20% since 1993. More than 10% of teenage boys do not listen to radio at all. Perspective: Unless young people develop the habit of radio listening, the radio industry will find itself in the same position as the newspaper business—the current audience will continue to age (and eventually die) without being replaced. Affluent Americans spend more time with radio than TV.
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PRINTABLE LESSON 9 - Using radio - 2/20/2012 LESSON NINE...

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