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w01p2virus (1) - Viruses 101 A computer virus unlike a...

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Viruses 101 A computer virus, unlike a human virus, does not occur naturally, but is deliberately created by an individual who is intent on wreaking havoc. It is an actively infectious program that attaches itself to other files and has the ability to alter the way your computer works without your permission. The virus may or may not announce itself. Once a computer is infected, some or all of the application programs may slow significantly or cease working altogether. Unusual error messages may appear on your screen and/or you may run out of memory or disk space. The machine may reboot continually and/or files can become corrupted or can be completely erased. We often use the term virus to identify any type of malevolent code that adversely affects our computer, when in fact what we are dealing with is not a virus, but a Trojan horse or a worm. A Trojan horse is a file that presents itself as something desirable, but in fact is harmful. For example, it may claim to be a useful utility program or game, but when executed causes data to become corrupted and/or erased. It differs from a virus in
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w01p2virus (1) - Viruses 101 A computer virus unlike a...

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