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Building Forensics and Expert Testimony Niche Marketing Plan Engler, Guccione & Partners Goal: Obtain billable hours for consulting jobs in the recession-resistant market of Building Forensics and Expert Testimony. Primary Tasks: Identify paths and venues into the building forensic and expert testimony arenas Determine best approaches to the arenas Execute multi-prong approach for market penetration General Tasks: Resumes All professionals in EG&P will be marketed as expert witnesses in building forensics Resumes posted on webpage that is built solely to promote and market our experts for testimony Consulting attorney advises that our resumes are the most important piece to selling ourselves as expert witnesses.
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Unformatted text preview: Be specific in our resumes: list all cases we have consulted on. EG&P Website Add webpage for consulting services to the company website Cost: $75 EG&P Forensics Website Create new website to promote our expertise and availability Cost: $275 Google Adwords Buy pay-per-click words and ads that link to our website and advertise our testimonial abilities Cost: $15 a month Email campaigns Send emails to targeted recipients who would benefit from our consulting service Developers Owners Defense attorneys Prosecuting attorneys Cost: $0 Advertise in newsletters and magazines for targeted groups Cost: varies by publication Select two publications initially...
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  • Spring '08
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  • expert testimony, Expert witness, Expert Testimony Niche, expert testimony arenas, Building Forensics and Expert

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