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Project 01 - Project 01 A Simple Java Program CAUTION The...

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Project 01: A Simple Java Program CAUTION: The due date has been pushed back! Due Sunday, February 7, 11:59 pm TA: Tyler Wykoff In this project, you will use a set of numbers that are given to calculate the cost of delivery from a pizza restaurant. There will be a few different numbers that are read in from the command line that will determine the cost for the pizzas. NOTE: PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS PROJECT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! Course Material Setup Project Details Submitting Your Project Grading Criteria Course Material Before you start this project, you MUST understand : Program 1.2.1 (page 20) and Program 1.2.2. (page 22) Section 1.3 Conditionals (if statements) Java Math methods and Java data type conversions (page 32) CS 177 Java Coding Standards Setup 1. In your console or terminal window enter the cd command to ensure that you are in your home directory. 2. Enter the cd cs177 command to go to your cs177 directory. 3. Create a directory for this project: mkdir proj1 . You should create a new directory for each project. 4. Change to the directory created just now, using the cd proj1 command. You will be storing the files for this project in this directory. 5. Enter the command. to start working on . Project Details Step 1 Enter some comments at the top of your file listing your name, CS 177, your lab section, and today's date. Remember that multi-line comments are surrounded by /* and */ . For example: /* * Project 1: A Simple Java Program * Name : John Doe * Course : CS 177 * Section: 0101
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* Date: : 01/30/2010 */ Name your class Project1 as shown: public class Project1 { public static void main ( String [] args ) { } } The code you will write will be for this main method. Step 2 You will use command line arguments to feed input to your Project1. Refer to these sample programs in the textbook for examples of how a Java program can use command line arguments to get information: Program 1.1.2 Program 1.2.2 Program 1.2.3 Your Project1 should expect the following 6 command line arguments. The first argument is clearly a string, the second is an integer, and the
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Project 01 - Project 01 A Simple Java Program CAUTION The...

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