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Project 5 - Project 5 Picture Editor Thursday April 29th...

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Project 5: Picture Editor Thursday, April 29th, 9:00 pm (there is no milestone submission, but start early!) TA: Parantap Roy For this project you will develop a simple photograph editing program. Background Course Material Setup Project Specification Submitting Your Project Grading Criteria Background In this project, you will use your knowledge of inheritance, image manipulation, and sorting; to create a subclass of the book's Picture class that has additional functionality useful for image editing. Note: This is a team project. Make sure the names of all team members appear in the top comment section. Course Material Before you start this project, you must understand: Image Manipulation (section 3.1) Inheritance and Subclasses (section 3.3) Sorting Algorithms (section 4.2) CS 177 Java Coding Standards Setup 1. In your console or terminal window enter the cd command to ensure that you are in your home directory. 2. Enter the cd cs177 command to go to your cs177 directory. 3. Create a directory for this project: mkdir proj5 . You should create a new directory for each project. 4. Change to the directory created just now using the cd proj5 command. You will be storing the files for this project in this directory. 5. Download StdIn.java , StdDraw.java and Picture.java and copy these files into your proj5 directory. 6. Here are two images you can use to test your program: star.jpg and cat.jpg . Make sure you save them in your proj5 directory. Also, here are smaller versions of those two images: star_s.jpg and cat_s.jpg 7. Enter the drjava & command to start DrJava 8. Create two Java files named Project5.java and MyPicture.java , and save them in your proj5 directory. Compile the Picture.java file and run the program. We have provided sample public methods in the Picture class o Picture adjustBrightness(int adjust) where adjust is in the range of -255 to 255 o void copy(Picture pic1) using the passed argument to copy image files o Picture copy() using returning Picture objects to copy
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Understand the methods before you start writing code. Understand that image pixel values can be only in the range 0-255, so in the adjustBrightness method try -255, 255 ,-1000 as input to get a clear understanding of how the Picture class works. Project Specification Overview For this project, you have to create two classes, MyPicture , which contains picture-editing functionality, and Project5 , which interacts with the user and invokes MyPicture 's methods. The Project5 Class IMPORTANT: You are given a fully commented skeleton code for this class. Download, save and work on it: Project5.java The Project5 class handles the user interface of the picture-editing program. It takes care of all the menus, asks the user for input to each editing method, and validates user input when needed.
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