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Automatic Service Composition Dr. Donald Robinson Northrop Grumman Corporation CS307, Software Engineering (Spring 2009) Video-conferences on Fridays One of the inherent problems of service oriented computing is rapidly discovering and composing multiple business services to accomplish some user-defined end goal. The objective of this project is to create a modular program that will take a needed business service and available information sources as an input, and then access a list of available services and automatically determine which services must be composed to achieve the needed task. This problem is one that is commonly researched in the field of service oriented architectures (SOA) but has corollaries in other domains. One such domain is in the domain of tasking multiple military units in the execution of a mission. Each unit may have a set of tasks that it is able to execute. A commander needs an automated way to identify which assets need to be tasked, and how they should transfer their associated information to execute the objective. For instance, a military unit may need to “take the hill”. To do this, an intelligence function should be tasked to gather information about the location of the enemy on the hill. Furthermore, this intelligence function may involve tasking multiple information collection assets to gather the information. Additionally, the intelligence that is gathered would need to be translated into a data format that an artillery unit could use to shell a particular location. In the field of service oriented computing, the common method used to expose a web service and the associated binding information is
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NG_project_S09 - Automatic Service Composition Dr Donald...

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