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Unformatted text preview: CS307 Software Engineering PA1 BitVector Overview The goal of the first project is to implement a robust and configurable bit vector in Java 1.2. A BitVector maps integers in the active range of the vector to boolean values. A typical use for the class is to set a bit and to test for an individual bit. Bit vectors have a rich set of logical operations on pairs of vectors that include and , or , and xor . The goal of this assignment is first and foremost to develop a correct im- plementation, but efficiency concerns can not be ignored as bit vectors may be used within efficiency critical portions of client programs. Context Although you are to implement a BitVector that is correct in all situations your clients are working on a project that has particular requirements and which are described in the two following use cases. You must strive to optimize your implementation for those cases. Small-sets This scenario is concerned with small bits vectors for which the test , or and and methods are speed critical. Furthermore, the size of data structures has to minimized. In the small-set scenario, expect large numbers of vectors (thousands) with ranges from 0 to 127. Big-sets This scenario has a number of large, sparse, bit vectors being used mostly for their set and test methods. In this scenario a space efficient representation of large vectors and speed of tests are critical. All other operations are used rather infrequently. Example of applications of BitVectors include prime sieves and garbage col- lection (GC). In a GC one may represent a map of the memory by a bit vector to describe which objects are live and which ones are not (note that this is a gross simplification – we will see a more realistic representation later)....
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pa1 - CS307 Software Engineering PA1 BitVector Overview The...

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