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CS307 Software Engineering PA2 BitVector Redux Overview The goal of your second programming assignment is to improve the implemen- tation of BitVector that you just completed. In particular, you are to optimize implementations for the two use cases described in PA1, you should also write a comprehensive set of unit tests, some stress tests and document your code. Details The test cases must be written using the Junit framework with the template provided on the PA2 web page. You should implement a set of automated tests that following the example given in the template in src/test . Documentation should be written using JavaDoc and should describe your implementation at a reasonable level of detail – that is to say sufficiently clearly such that someone else may understand the big picture of the algorithms used in the implementation. You may have to provide several implementations of BitVector tuned to the different use cases. Requirements For PA2 we expect you to turn in several Java classes. Please beware that you
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Unformatted text preview: follow the naming convention, failing to do so may prevent our grading programs from processing your submission. All .java files in your assignment should be named ClassName where uid stands for an identifier that will be given by the TA. There must at least be one file named Director containing a public class of the same name, with a public empty constructor taking no arguments. All classes must be in the cs307.first package. You testing classes should be in a subpackage with your uid, e.g. test.first.uid . Furthermore we expect that you will turn in a PDF file that contains a short development log accounting the time you spent on different tasks: design, implementation, testing, debugging, documentation. The report should also contain any comments on the assignment, open questions, etc. Use turnin -c cs307 -p pa2 filelist to submit the assignment. 1...
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