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DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 02139 2.002 MECHANICS AND MATERIALS II EXAMPLE PROBLEM IN FRACTURE Distributed : Wednesday, April 7, 2004 A spherical thin-walled pressure vessel is to be fabricated from formed plates. The capacity of the vessel is to be 14 m 3 , and the fluid it contains will be under a peak internal pressure of 50 MPa . You may use the standard stress analysis of thin-walled spherical pressure vessels to relate stress to pressure and vessel geometry. Three grades of mar-ageing steel are under consideration for constructing the vessel. The table gives the tensile yield strength ( σ y ) and fracture toughness ( K Ic ) of each grade. Each of the steels has mass density ρ = 7 . 8 Mg/m 3 . Grade σ y (MPa) K Ic (MPa m ) 200 1482 111 250 1690 94 300 2000 66 You are to specify the material and corresponding wall thickness so that the structure will 1. be of least weight , while 2. retaining a factor of safety of at least 2 against both (a) yielding and (b) brittle fracture. 1
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