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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 02139 2.002 MECHANICS AND MATERIALS II PRACTICE QUIZ I Distributed : Wednesday, March 10, 2004 This quiz consists of four (4) questions. A brief summary of each question’s content and associated points is given below: 1. (10 points) This is the credit for your (up to) two (2) pages of self-prepared notes. Please be sure to put your name on each sheet , and hand it in with the test booklet. You are already done with this one! 2. (20 points) A multi-part, lab-based question. 3. (40 points) A question about thermal loading of a laminated plate. 4. (30 points) Three short-answer questions. Note: you are encouraged to write out your understanding of the problem, and of “what to do” in order to solve the problem, even if you find yourself having “algebraic/numerical difficulties” in actually doing so: let me see what you are thinking, instead of just what you happen to write down. ... The last page of the quiz contains “useful” information. Please refer to this page for equa- tions, etc., as needed. If you have any questions about the quiz, please ask for clarification. Good luck!
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Attach your self-prepared 2-sheet (4-page) notes/outline to the quiz booklet. Be sure your name is on each sheet. Problem 2 (20 points) (Lab-Based Problem) In your own words, describ e the following terms used in the description of linear vis- coelastic behavior, and briefly illustrate (with schematic figures, simple equations, etc.) how these features are used, measured, or are otherwise identified: (4 points) stress relaxation function (4 points) creep function (4 points) correspondence principle (4 points) mechanical damping (4 points)
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