cad1 - CAD Tutorial - 1 Purpose: Introduce you to solid...

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CAD Tutorial - 1 Purpose: Introduce you to solid modeling and basic solid modeling functions. Importance: Solid Modeling is a way for scientists and engineers to geometrically model their work, check for fit and function. The 3D geometry created during Solid Modeling can be used to make blue prints, perform computer analysis (FEA or CFD), and create visualizations. What to hand in: N/A Goals: After this activity, you will be able to: Learn why Solid Modeling is important Learn the process for creating good Solid Models Learn the basic types of solid modeling 3D geometry creations commands Learn how to customize the Solid Modeling files for handing in Software: Though you do not need to do this for lab, you may load SolidWorks ® or Pro/ENGINEER ® on your home/dorm computer. This might save trips to campus late at night. SECTION 1: Introduction to Solid Modeling The design and modeling processes are interdependent! It is difficult and irresponsible to design processes, machines, or other products without modeling how they will look and perform. Solid Modeling is one of the major steps in making machines and machine components. 1. Customer Modeling 2. Requirement Modeling 3. Analytic Modeling
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4. Solid Modeling (Geometric Modeling) 5. Functional Modeling Parametric Solid Modeling (PSM) is a useful tool, which will help you geometrically model your design(s). Solid modeling is not an easy skill to learn. You must know: How to run the software: How to use the software to get the results that you want (design intent)
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cad1 - CAD Tutorial - 1 Purpose: Introduce you to solid...

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