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2.000 Homework 5: Etch-a-Sketch Homework and Grading Do the homework on your own paper. Attach this sheet to the front of your homework. Papers that are not stapled together will not be accepted. __________ [ 5 pts ] Following directions… __________ [ 5 pts ] What is the function of the device: __________ [ 20 pts ] Provide an equate explanation of device’s form. You will be graded on: Size Proportion Likeness Notes/Explanation __________ [ 20 pts ] Describe 4 flows (at least one mass flow)
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Unformatted text preview: __________ [ 20 pts ] Discuss three dominant physical principles at work. Also discuss one limiting physical principle __________ [ 15 pts ] Discuss three fabrication processes used to make the etch-a-sketch. You should include sketches and 1-2 sentence explanation for each process. __________ [ 20 pts ] Explanation how the device works. Make sure you try to explain the process of renewing the screen. __________ Total 105 pts...
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