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MIT OpenCourseWare 2.007 Design and Manufacturing I Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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Design and Manufacturing I Practice Exam on Drawing, CAD, Motors, Pneumatics, and Mechanisms This practice exam is meant for a 1.5 hour period. It has 7 problems and 100 points total. NOTE: These are problems we made up and decided not to use on the exam in this form. We thought maybe they were not as clear as we wanted or didn’t match our objectives perfectly. So, this practice exam is not quite representative, but practicing on imperfect problems is better than not practicing. 1. (15 points) A designer proposes to change the an electric motor by increasing the number of windings of wire around the armature significantly (e.g., by doubling it). All other parameters of the motor are preserved as they were (radius of the armature, strength of the magnatic field, and so on). Describe the influence (if any) on: a) stall torque b) no load speed c) maximum power 2. (5 points) The components shown here (resistor, capacitor, LED, and normally-open-button) are connected in series. The button is pressed and the LED lights up and then slowly dims over the course of 5 seconds. The button is released and 5 more seconds pass. The button is pressed again. Which statement best describes what happens: a) The LED lights up and then slowly dims over the course of 5 seconds b) The LED starts dim then slowly brightens over the course of 5 seconds c) The LED lights up steadily d) LED does not light + + . . Armature
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