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golden arches east

golden arches east - Alexander Muhr EASC-150 Discussion...

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Alexander Muhr EASC-150 Discussion November 29, 2006 Golden Arches East McDonalds is one of the most famous American symbols in the world, especially in East Asia. The company means very different things for the people of different countries there, as explained in Golden Arches East . For instance, in China “yuppies” see McDonalds as a way to experience the world without leaving their homeland. Other countries, such as Korea see going to McDonalds as something like a form of national treason. The Japanese, on the other hand, don’t’ see McDonalds as anything special anymore, partly due to the fact that it had the second most stores in the world in 1995. Questions are raised in the book, such as how might fast food be affecting the local gastronomy? In some ways they could affect it negatively, but in others it can emphasize
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