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1 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 1 2.008 Design & Manufacturing II Spring 2004 Assembly & Joining 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 2 Dexter’s Plastic Can -cool ? -gas leakage ? -recycling? 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 3 A 2002 Yo-Yo vs. a free gift 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 4 Guidelines to Assembly Design ± Minimize parts ± Design assembly process in a layered fashion ± Consider ease of part handling ± Utilize optimum attachment methods ± Consider ease of alignment and insertion ± Avoid design features that require adjustments 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 5 Manufacturing Unit Manufacturing Processes Assembly and Joining Design for Manufacture Market Research Conceptual Design Factory, Systems & Enterprise Welding Bolting Bonding Soldering Machining Injection molding Casting Stamping Chemical vapor deposition Contributions on the final cost? 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim J.Chun and http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/mm/research/product- realisation/res_int/ipps/dfa1.htm 6 Cost of Design Changes CONCEPT DESIGN X 10X TOOLING Assembly 100X 1000X RELEASE 10,000X $$$$ time
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2 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 7 Typical Cost Breakdown Selling Price Admin, sales 24% Profit 19% R&D 5% Manufacturing 38% Engineering 14% Manufacturing Costs Direct labor 12% Parts, Material 50% Indirect labor 26% Plant Machinery 12% 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim M. Culpepper 8 Assembly business 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 9 Optical Connectors Alignment errors MT connector 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim 10 Initial Quality Study IQS: Problems experienced after 90 days of ownership per 100 vehicles 0 to 100, 100 to 200, 200 and over 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim Sul ivan, 1986 11 The automobile industry, 1980’s SOP 2.008-spring-2004 S.Kim http://order.tupperware.com:8080/coe-
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09assemnjoin_6f1 - Dexter's Plastic Can 2.008 Design &...

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