12tinyprod_6_f_1 - Tunable microcavity waveguide...

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1 2.008-spring-2003 2.008 Design & Manufacturing II Spring 2004 MEMS, Tiny Products 2.008-spring-2003 Tunable microcavity waveguide fabrication process flow Cr Si SiO 2 Pt/Ti PZT 1. RIE Si trench 2. Pattern Pt bottom electrode 3. Pattern PZT and anneal 4. Pattern Pt top electrode front-view side-view (thru’ waveguide) air substrate SiO2 deformable membrane integrated tri-layer piezoelectric microactuator 1D photonic crystal microcavity Si waveguide 2.008-spring-2003 Tunable microcavity waveguide 1,2 fabrication process flow 5. RIE SiO 2 6. X-ray lithography of PMMA for Cr mask 7. CF 4 Si waveguide RIE 8. XeF 2 isotropic release etch Cr Si SiO 2 Pt/Ti PZT front-view side-view (thru’ waveguide) 2.008-spring-2003 Process Flow Deposition Lithography Etch Wafers Devices Photo resist coating Pattern transfer Photo resist removal Oxidation Sputtering Evaporation CVD Sol-gel Epitaxy Wet isotropic Wet anisotropic Plasma RIE DRIE 2.008-spring-2003 Wet or dry? ± Low resolution feature size ± Low cost ± Undercut for isotropic ± Wider area needed for anisotropic wafer etch ± Sticking ± High resolution feature size ± Expensive ± Vertical side wall ± Avoid sticking Wet Dry 2.008-spring-2003 Etching Issues - Anisotropy Isotropic An-isotropic mask -Structural layer -Sacrificial layer
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2 2.008-spring-2003 Etching Issues - Selectivity ± Selectivity is the ratio of the etch rate of the target material being etched to the etch rate of other materials ± Chemical etches are generally more selective than plasma etches ± Selectivity to masking material and to etch-stop is important Mask target Etch stop 2.008-spring-2003 Bulk Micromachining ± KOH etches silicon substrate ± V-grooves, trenches
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12tinyprod_6_f_1 - Tunable microcavity waveguide...

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