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hmewrk_01_04 - “Fast food outlets have been managed via...

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Homework #1: Manufacturing Overview 2.008 Design and Manufacturing II Spring 2004 Out: February 4 th Due: February 11 th Problem 1: Do the review question 5 of the handout, Chapter 1 of Benhabib’s book. “Compare Ford’s passenger car manufacturing and marketing strategies in the early 20 th century to those implemented by GM. Elaborate on the continuing use of these competitive practices in today’s manufacturing industries.” Problem 2: Do the discussion question 9 of the same handout.
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Unformatted text preview: “Fast food outlets have been managed via familiar manufacturing strategies that have been evolved over the past century, moving from a mass-production environment to mass customization. Discuss and compare the manufacturing strategies of McDonalds and Subway (or Chinese food truck at Mass Ave. and LaVerde). Ske tch the process flow of each case. Name engineering products which are produced by a similar manufacturing strategy for each case.”...
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  • Spring '04
  • Jung-HoonChun
  • early 20th century, fast food outlets, passenger car manufacturing, familiar manufacturing strategies

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