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Solution for Homework #1: Manufacturing Overview 2.008 Design and Manufacturing II Spring 2004 Out: February 4 th Due: February 11 th Problem 1: Do review question 5 of the handout, Chapter 1 of Benhabib’s book. “Compare Ford’s passenger car manufacturing and marketing strategies in the early 20 th century to those implemented by GM. Elaborate on the continuing use of these competitive practices in today’s manufacturing industries.” Solution: In the early 20 th century, car manufacturing at Ford as well as at GM was a capital-intensive activity, driven by the forces of mass production. A specialized workforce in which the individuals performed small tasks over and over again reduced production costs dramatically. This manufacturing and assembly process was made possible by product standardization. The Ford Motor Company pushed this manufacturing technique to its extreme by applying Taylor´s “scientific management” concept to its assembly lines. This included a lack of customer choices by selling only one or very few products in high volumes. The
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hmewrk_01_sol - Solution for Homework #1: Manufacturing...

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