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hmewrk_06_04 - σ of 0.07 Line 2 produces arms with a µ of...

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Homework #6: Process Control 2.008 Design and Manufacturing II Spring 2004 Out: April 07 Due: April 14 Problem 1 You are responsible for two different manufacturing lines, both of which produce arms for Karl´s Mechanical Squid. The Upper Specification Limit of the line is 3.52 and the Lower Specification Limit is 3.18. Line 1 produces arms with a µ of 3.35 and an
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Unformatted text preview: σ of 0.07. Line 2 produces arms with a µ of 3.43 and an σ of 0.05. a) For Line 1: what is the C p ? What is the C pk ? For Line 2: what is the C p ? What is the C pk ? b) Which line produces a greater percentage of parts within the specification limits? What are the exact percentages for each line?...
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