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H7 - is using a process which produces parts whose length...

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2.008: Design and Manufacturing II Problem Set 7 Problem 7-1. Systems (a) Explain what happens to inventory as cycle time decreases. (b) Describe your process of doing laundry. How many operations, what are the respective pro- duction rates, do you have any buffers, what is the cycle time? Problem 7-2. Boston Weather (a) The average daily temperature for Boston in May is 58 . 5 F . Suppose the standard deviation is 8 . 157 F and assume the temperature obeys a normal distribution. How many days in May are less than 43 F ? (This is a bad analogy since we are making assumptions that are totally bogus. Just be sure that you can do simple calculations with normal distributions for the exam.) (b) As a condition of coming to MIT for graduate school, I sent MIT my speciFcations for the temperature range during the month of May (MIT controls everything, dont they?) In particular, I agreed to a daily temperature of 62 F but would tolerate plus or minus 5 degree shifts. Based on the data from (a), what is MIT’s capability index ( Cpk )? Problem 7-3. Shaft (a) Your enterprise
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Unformatted text preview: is using a process which produces parts whose length have a mean 2 . 5in and standard deviation . 015in. You plan to make 100,000 of these parts. You have determined by taking into account the rework cost and the loss of customer satisfaction that the quality loss function for the process is: L = 2250 2 where is the standard deviation of length of the part and L is the average quality lost in dollars per part. A very smart but somewhat expensive Harvard graduate has oered you her expert advice on your process. or every . 001in reduction in the standard deviation of the length of the part, she will charge 6000. How much of her advice do you buy? (You can buy fractional amounts of her consulting). 1...
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