hw1 - Problem 5 A rectangular barge floats in water ρ w...

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2.016 Hydrodynamics Prof. Alex Techet Fall 2005 HW #1 Out: 13 Sept 2005 Due: 20 Sept 2005 Problem 1: Which of the following are isotropic? Why or why not? a) Temperature b) Pressure c) Shear stress d) Dynamic viscosity Problem 2: At a particular point in the Pacific Ocean, the density of sea water increases non-linearly with depth according to 2 mz o + = ! where o is the density at the surface, z is the depth below the surface, and m is a constant. Develop an algebraic equation for the relationship between pressure and depth. Problem 3: a) Determine the horizontal and vertical forces acting on a wall sloped at angle, θ , to the horizontal seafloor as a function of z. Assume that the water is h deep and that atmospheric pressure acts everywhere. b) Determine the total resulting force and center of pressure.
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Problem 4: Archimedes Principle on a floating vessel Extend the results you found in problem 3 to the case of a “V” shaped vessel floating on the surface of the ocean to show that the resulting pressure acting on the hull balances the weight of the water displaced by the vessel.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 5: A rectangular barge floats in water, ρ w . When it is empty it is immersed at depth D below the surface. Oil with density, ρ o , is poured into the barge until it is about to sink. Find a relationship for the depth of the oil at this point in terms of the initial depth, D, the total height of the barge H and the barge width W. Problem 6: You are asked to design an underwater laboratory at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, in order to study the habits of Migrating Whale Sharks. After attending a lecture given by Samuel Raymond, founder of Benthos, you realize that a spherical structure would be ideal for this project. So you have decided that the laboratory will be built as a hemi-sphere off the sea floor and sketch the following concept design: g H D/2 a) What is the distribution of pressure over the wetted surface of the laboratory? b) What are the total fluid force and moment vectors exerted on the laboratory by the surrounding fluid?...
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hw1 - Problem 5 A rectangular barge floats in water ρ w...

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