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Unformatted text preview: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2.016 Hydrodynamics Fall 2005 Surface Waves Kinematics Friday 14 October 2005, 9-11am ***Ocean Engineering Towing Tank *** Introduction This lab is in an investigation into some of the properties of surface gravity waves. The purpose is to gain an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts and relationships of surface wave kinematics by means of an experimental study. The wave- making and wave-detection capabilities of the MIT Towing Tank will be used in conjunction with empirical observations. Laboratory Setup/Procedures Equipment The towing tank is a long rectangular basin of water with a wave-maker at one end and a “beach" at the other. The wave-maker is a hydraulically driven vertical paddle with controllable amplitude and frequency. The “beach" is a region of absorbing material intended to prevent the reflecting of waves from this end of the tank. You will be using wave probes to measure the amplitude, or height, of the passing waves. The wave probes are a “resistance" type probe, which produce a voltage proportional to the submerged length. This voltage can be logged by a computer at a prescribed sampling rate. As waves pass the probe, the computer will display the height of the free surface as a function of time. The data will be recorded to a disk. Visual measurements will also be taken for corroboration of the methods and equipment. A stop watch and tape measure will be provided for such measurements. Objectives To measure the basic surface wave properties in terms of wave amplitude, period, wavelength, phase velocity, and group velocity. Measurements Towing Tank personnel will provide instructions for the operation of the wave-maker and data collection system. Please follow their instructions. data collection system....
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lab2 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2.016...

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