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2.011 Spring 2006 Homework #1 Research ONE underwater vehicle from the list provided. Choose from this list of vehicles. Only one student per vehicle. Prepare 5 minutes (2-3 Powerpoint slides maximum) about its main mission, any special design considerations (pros/cons), history, and any suggestions for making it a better vehicle. You will present your slides to the class in the first lab session. Jason II (WHOI) Alvin I (WHOI) ABE (WHOI) Remus (WHOI) Odessey II b/c/ or d (MIT SeaGrant) Ventana (MBARI)
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Unformatted text preview: • Tiburon (MBARI) • Millenium ROV (Oceaneering) • Hydra Magnum (Oceaneering) • Bluefin-21 BPAUV ((Bluefin Robotics) • Bluefin Glider - SPRAY (Bluefin Robotics/Scripps/WHOI) • Slocum Glider (Webb Research Corp.) • Theseus AUV (International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE)) • Dorado AUV International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) Websites: • WHOI • MBARI • Webb Research Corp. • OCEANEERING • International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) • MIT SeaGrant • Bluefin Robotics...
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