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2.011 3/16/06 HW# 3 Solution Set Problem 1: (5 points) Heat can be transported to deeper layers in the ocean by diffusion (1), density gradients(1), turbulence (wind and waves)(1), and currents(1). Pg. 82 Stewart. I gave 1 more point if you discussed one of the physical mechanisms in more detail. Problem 2: (8 points) a. (4 points) In fresh water the densest water is 4ºC so water that is colder than 4ºC can be found above the bottom 4ºC layer. This is not the case in seawater. In sea water above 25 º/ oo the maximum density occurs below the freezing point, meaning that warmer water always overlies cooler water in a gravitationally stable situation, the salinity makes them different. b. (4 points) Since the freshwater at 4º is the densest it makes sense that all other water would be above this temperature if left to rest. So if a lake has water that is 4ºC or less in it then the bottom temperature will be 4ºC. Problem 3: (2 points) S=35º/ 00 Problem 4: (10 points) a. (2 points) Air will have a higher potential because the pressure at the surface is greater than at 5 km which means it would heat up, and water will have a lower potential because it would expand coming to the surface thus decreasing its temperature. b. (2 points) (i) 27.6 (ii) 26.4. c. i. (1 points) Density and sigma are related by ρ = σ t +1000. Specific gravity is the density of the water divided by the density of water at atmospheric pressure Sg=
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hw3_soln - 2.011 HW 3 Solution Set Problem 1(5 points Heat...

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