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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering 2.12 Introduction to Robotics Laboratory No. 1 Objective The objectives of today’s laboratory are: Set up a robot control system and check basic functions of the controller, Drive a DC motor using a PWM power amplifier, and If time permits, down load a user C-code to the robot controller. Lab Report You are expected to turn in the questions/check sheet. Each group turns in one report at the end of lab session. SAFETY The hardware and motor that you will be using for 2.12 this semester use considerable current. The Robot controller uses up to 1.5A continuously and the motor draws up to 4A of current. These currents are dangerous and please use common sense when operating the equipment. Most importantly, when you are wiring make sure all the power is turned off. READING 1. Read materials from the Innovation First website. a. 2004 Control System Overview b. 2004 Operator Interface (OI) Reference Guide c. 2004 Full-Size Robot Controller (RC) Reference Guide d. 2004 Full-Size Control System Quick Start Guide You have a half hour to skim these materials. INITIAL SET UP 2. Turn on your laptop and click on ‘User n ’. The password is: “[password removed]”. Next, you should change your password. Open the control panel, click on User Accounts, and click your section again. Here you will be able to change your password. Write down the new password and give it to the laboratory instructor with your names and laptop number. 3. Retrieve switches for the 12 V power supply (the big one). Use the SPST switch (single pole single throw) and connect it as shown in the diagram below. Before connecting to the RC, check with a multi-meter that when the switch is toggled, 12 V and ground are read. Keep the switch OFF for the time being. Also, plug in the backup battery. NOTE: If you ever turn the switch off, power will be drained from the backup battery to keep the system functioning. This is a nice feature but not now. You must press the RESET button on the RC to stop the backup battery from being drained.
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4. Use the tether cable (RED) to connect the Robot Controller (RC) to the Operator Interface (OI). NOTE: The tether cable (RED) will provide power to the OI from
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lab1 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of...

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