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Unformatted text preview: Issued: September 26, 2005 Due: Wednesday, October 5, 2005 2.12 Introduction to Robotics Problem Set 2: Robot Programming The goal of this problem set and the associated lab sessions on Thursday, September 28th and Friday, September 29th, is for you to develop a mobile robot motion planning and control algorithm for a simulated de-mining robot. 1. First, using matlab, write an algorithm to generate a series of waypoints that will cover a 5 by 5 meter area, (the “box.txt” environment in simple sim, our de-mining robot simulator) using each of three different strategies: (a) back-and-forth (“mowing the lawn”) motions, (b) spiraling, and (c) random motions. Your program should write the waypoints out to a file, in the form of ( x, y ) coordinates in two columns. Read in the data from the file and generate a plot of the waypoints. (Don’t specify waypoints too close to one another; a separation for example of at least 0.5 meters is desirable.) 2. Next, write a C program to generate...
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