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Diesel Engine continued units definition kJ := 1000J Limitations of air standard cycle Features of real engine: real gas properties combustion parameters modify rate of pressure change heat transfer occurs during process & cylinder cooling intake and exhaust processes modify parts of the p-v diagram valve losses friction between piston rings and cylinder walls => reduced power output turbocharging modifies some of process data for plot ftr := 1 ftr = 1 for model p-v Dual Cycle 60 fuel pressure (bar) injected 40 20 0 exhaust valve opens 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 exhaust valve closes volume (m^3/kg) indicator diagram theoretical model for analysis supercharging or turbocharging compressor turbine intake exhaust stack ma_dot air mf_dot fuel engine inlet pressure increased + increased mass of air; need more fuel; power ~ mass but . . pressure + => increased loads mass further increased by cooler normally driven by exhaust turbine see Woud 7.6 10/25/2006 1
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Designation of diesels (somewhat arbitrary) slow speed medium speed high speed RPM 70 -250 rpm 350-1200 rpm >1200 rpm A.D.C. 76-250 rpm (2 stroke) 400-1000 rpm 750-1000 rpm Manbw.com marine engine programmes piston ft/min 1200-1600 1200-1800 1600-2000 speed m/sec 6.1 - 8.1 6.1-9.1 8.1-10.2 BMEP psi 190-300 190-350 100-300 bar 13-21 13-24 7 - 21 2 stroke; 4 stroke turbocharged vs. normal aspiration fuel grade 1.3.1 Slow-, Medium-, High-Speed Diesel Engines Slow-Speed Engines means diesel engines having a rated speed of less than 400 rpm. Medium Speed Engines
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16diesel_contd - Diesel Engine continued Limitations of air...

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