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Reduction Gears need: propellers 60-300 rpm waterjet pump 300-1500 rpm low speed diesels 70-250 rpm medium speed diesels 350-1200 rpm steam turbine 6000-9000 rpm gas turbine 3600-15000 rpm (larger @ lower rpm) reduction gears make conversion. some history ref: Marine Engineering Chapter IX Reduction Gears, by Gary P. Mowers, (SNAME) page 325 ff and others 19th - 20th century (1890-1910) ships propelled by reciprocating steam engines - direct drive 1904 - study by consulting engineers George Melville Adm (Ret.) and John Alpine George Melville was Chief Bureau of Steam Engineering and in 1899 President of ASME see study: - Problem - steam engine succeeding reciprocating engine: "If one could devise a means of reconciling, in a practical manner, the necessary high speed of revolution of the turbine with the comparatively low rate of revolution required by an efficient propeller, the problem would be solved and the turbine would practically wipe out the reciprocating engine for the propulsion of ships. The solution of this problem would be a stroke of great genius." Ref: Mar. Eng. First gear generally attributed to Pierre DeLaval in 1892. Parsons (cavitation) and George Westinghouse developed prototypes and installed gears: 1910 - 15,000 shp with geared turbine drive 1940 - 100,000 shp with geared turbine drive 1917 - double reduction introduced Development has been evolutionary - few step advances - single to double - welding in construction of gear wheel as and casing - higher hardness pinion and gear materials => higher tooth load Many types of gears are used (defined) and there is an extensive nomenclature associated with gear definitions. One source: (formerly available free via registration via: http://www.agma.org/Content/NavigationMenu/EducationTraining/OnlineEducation/default.htm ) AGMA Gear Nomenclature, Definitions of Terms with Symbols ANSUAGMA 1012-F90 (Revision of AGMA 112.05) [Tables or other self-supporting sections may be quoted or extracted in their entirety. Credit lines should read: Extracted from AGMA 1012-F90, Gear Nomenclature Terms, Definitions, Symbols and Abbreviations, with the permission of the publisher, American Gear Manufacturers Association, 1500 King Street, Suite 201, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 ] Availability changed to require registration in course. I have copy from previous registration when it was free.
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24gear_notes - Reduction Gears need propellers waterjet...

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