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Massachusetts Institute of Technology DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Center for Ocean Engineering 2.611 SHIP POWER and PROPULSION Problem Set #4 Basic Thermodynamic Cycles, Due: October 31, 2006 1. First Law refresher- a) Write the generic first law thermodynamic equation for a single inlet and single exit flow. t U d d Q dot _W dot m in_dot h in gz in + V 2 ( ) in 2 + + m out_dot h out out + V 2 ( ) out 2 + b) What does this equation not take into account? The influence of chemical reactions is not included in this calculation. c) Discuss the adiabatic process, the polytropic process and what it means for a process to be reversible. AP - A process in which no heat is transferred across the assigned boundary PP – A process in which during which expansion and compression can be related to ideal gas properties. More specifically, pressure and volume can be related by PV n =C RP – A reversible process is one that can be reversed without leaving any trace on its surroundings. This is possible only if the net heat and net work exchange between the system and he surroundings is zero for the combined process 2. Air at 10º C and 80kPa enters the diffuser of a jet engine steadily with a velocity of 200 m/s. The inlet area of the diffuser is 0.5 m 2 . The air leaves the diffuser with a velocity that is very small compared with the inlet velocity.
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ps4_soln - Massachusetts Institute of Technology DEPARTMENT...

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